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Aerospace education (AE) membership is a special category of membership for members of the educational community and any reputable individual or organization that has the desire to promote the objectives and purposes of CAP, but who do not desire to participate in the active membership program. There are two subcategories of Aerospace Education membership: Student Aerospace Education Members and Organization Aerospace Education members. Organizational membership is open to any company, school system, or other organization that wishes to support the CAP aerospace education program. Individuals associated with the organization do not have any of the individual rights of membership. Student AEM membership is available for college students majoring in education or an aerospace-related field of study. Individuals may only continue in this subcategory until they receive their undergraduate degree. CAP Aerospace Education members (AEMs) receive more than 33 free educational products for grades K through 12. AEMs are also provided additional materials such as lesson plans, teaching strategies and techniques, and a newsletter. CAP sponsors the National Conference on Aviation and Space Education (NCASE), an annual gathering of educators dedicated to furthering aerospace education. Recognized as the premier educational symposium of its kind in the nation, NCASE is held in a different part of the country each year. Aerospace Education members will receive a CAP ID card, Civil Air Patrol News, and are authorized military airlift (if available) for approved aerospace education projects and activities when official CAP transportation authorizations are provided. Aerospace Education Member

Cadet Sponsor Members Cadet Sponsor is a special membership category that allows parents, grandparents, and legal guardians to participate with their cadets. Cadet sponsors serve as chaperons, provide transportation, and supervise cadets during squadron activities. Cadet sponsors are offered discounted membership dues and have a limited volunteer commitment. Request More Info

Active Senior Member A member, who regularly attends meetings, performs a specific duty assignment (see specialty tracks), meets training requirements, and participates in the activities of his or her unit. An active member may wear the CAP uniform and compete for grade advancement. Request More Info

To prepare CAP adult members for CAP's special missions, extensive training and education in more than 20 different fields are provided. Technical training is offered to members in related areas, such as flight operations, emergency services, and communications. Additional training in management and executive leadership is available as a member progresses. Are you a pilot or interested in flying with CAP? Request More Info

  • Participate in search and rescue

  • Assist federal agencies when disaster strikes

  • Work with youth through cadet programs

  • Support CAP's communications network—the most extensive in the nation

  • Assist federal agencies in the war on drugs

Senior Membership CAP senior membership is open to adults 18 years old or older. Adult membership provides opportunities to serve in many ways:

Cadet Membership CAP cadet membership is open to young people 12 years through 18 years old. A cadet can remain in the program until age 21. Our squadron accepts new cadet members in February, May, and September. Prior to new member training an Open House will be held providing more info about the program as well as first-hand experience watching our cadets in training. The cadet program provides opportunities to develop leadership skills using the member's interest in aviation. Cadets progress through a 16-step program of aviation and aerospace activities at the local, regional and national levels. CAP national activities focus on a variety of aviation, aerospace, search and rescue, and pararescue courses. CAP cadets can compete for scholarships to help further their education. CAP is proud to report that 10 percent of Air Force Academy appointees are former CAP cadets. In addition, both West Point and Annapolis admit many CAP cadets each year. Request More Info

Membership Options The categories of membership include Active Senior Member, Cadet, Aerospace Education Member, and Cadet Sponsor. Qualifications for all are listed below.

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For Youth (Ages 12-18)
Contact the Deputy Commander for Cadets
2nd Lt Danell Daniels
(209) 589-4717

For General Inquires and Adults (Ages 18 and up)
Contact the Squadron Commander
Lt Frederik Van Oostende
(209) 629-5656

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